Data structure in the Annata 365 solution in F&O is different from the data structure on CDS. To make those two different data models be able to work with DW separate tables are needed on the F&O side to act as staging tables to facilitate the DW sync. 
This task will fill the A365 tables in F&O with data from the AM* tables from the A365 Annata solution (IDMS). The A365 tables will then be synced to CE via Dual write. 
Press the Dual Write synchronization menu item (see screenshot below)

Then you need to follow 3 steps.
Note: When doing this exercise we recommend that DW live sync is off. Meaning that the entity maps for the A365 entities are not in state Running. Having the live sync on, drastically reduced the performance since live sync will kick in for each record that is populated. 
1.    Press the Populate data sync tasks button.
  • This will create the records (sync tasks) you see in the screenshot below.
2.    Press the Execute all button. 
  • This will populate the A365 tables with data from the IDMS tables. An example would be, data from AMDeviceBrand will go to A365DeviceBrand. 
All tasks will be put on batch and the system will run them from top to bottom. 
3.    Check the Dual write enabled checkbox. 
  • This will activate the sync between the IDMS tables and the A365 tables. In a sense, this is the live sync between the IDMS tables and the A365 table. An example would be that when a records is updated for AMDeviceBrand table the A365DeviceBrand table will be updated when the Dual write enabled checkbox is set to Yes.

Note: If you need to run one single task again, the Run button should be used. An example of this could be that one of the tasks ends in error, the server goes down while a task is running etc. 
When that happens the user might need to run one individual task at a time to fix the problems he is dealing with. 

When pressing the Run button the user is faced with a dialog. In the Dialog there are 2 parameters (see screenshot 4)
1.    Skip Insert Logic
  • Setting this to yes means that the system will use doInsert and doUpdate when inserting and/or updating records. Meaning that no insert/update logic is run. 
This option could be thought as a performance enhancement and should only be used when the SW Live sync is off. 
2.    Delta
  • This option is only applicable for certain entities. Only entities that we assume will contain larger volumes of data. Today this is available for DeviceTableMaster (see screenshot 5 below) and Device components.
Setting the Delta flag to Yes means that only DeviceTableMaster records that do not exists in the A365Device will be picked up by the task. This is convenient when we are dealing with large volumes so that we do not have to run through all the records again. Only the ones missing.  

Each task can be filtered by the standard F&O way of filtering records (through the Records to include) and each task can be set on batch.