In order to successfully setup fully synced systems (F&O <-> CE) with Dual Write running for both MS standard entities and Annata 365 entities the following instructions should be followed. 

Run through this high level overview script below and find details in each section where applicable. 
We recommend to open each link in a new tab or a window and keep this overview page open for better control of the process.

Install Annata 365 CE or Dataverse solutions

Install the required Annata 365 solutions using the package deployer. 

Install Annata 365 F&O solutions

Install Annata solutions on the target F&O environment using LCS:

  1. Annata 365 for F&O (IDMS)
  2. Annata 365 Automotive Platform - CDS
  3. Refresh entity list

Enable dual-write synchronization

Enable dual-write for existing Finance and Operations apps

  1. Enable dual-write to link CDS and F&O environments

Virtual Entity Setup

  1. Set up and configure virtual entities for Finance and Operations apps in Dataverse

Install Annata 365 dual-write integration solution

  1. Install the A365DualWriteIntegration solution (Annata 365 Entity Maps solution). This solution contains the mappings for the A365 entities

Enable Annata 365 dual-write

The following steps are all carried out in Finance and Operations
  1. Populate and run data synchronization tasks
  2. Apply Annata 365 Entity maps solution
  3. Enable Annata 365 entity maps
* In some cases, when dealing with large volumes of data for particular entities, the dual-write initial sync does not handle more then 500.000 records per initial sync. See the Handling large volumes of data section for more information to handle these scenarios.

In This Section

  • Install package deployer

    Annata 365 CE and Dataverse apps are installed using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Package Deployer and Windows PowerShell.
  • Install Dataverse solution with package deployer

    This topic describes how to install an Annata 365 application. Installation of Annata 365 Field Service is described here, but the same steps and methods apply for all other Annata 365 solutions such as Annata 365 for Service, Annata 365 for Device Service, Annata 365 for Sales, and so on.

  • Enable dual-write between F&O and Dataverse

  • Set up Virtual Entities

    Virtual entities are now needed in the Annata Solutions in order to consume number sequences from Finance and Operation. In the past we used Flows to retrieve e.g. the Work order number from F&O. By using the Virtual Entities we get the number sequence in more solid way and to enable features that are coming. 
  • Dual-write requirements and prerequisites