This section provides developers and technical consultants with access to various technical reference information, advanced procedures or best practices that apply to installation, maintenance or customization of Annata 365 solutions.

Installation guidelines

Please follow the guidelines provided below for installing Annata 365 apps on customer systems:

Dual-write integration

Dual-write is an out-of-box infrastructure that provides near-real-time interaction between customer engagement apps and Finance and Operations apps. When data about customers, products, people, and operations flows beyond application boundaries, all departments in an organization are empowered. Dual-write provides tightly coupled, bidirectional integration between Finance and Operations apps and Common Data Service. Any data change in Finance and Operations apps causes writes to Dataverse, and any data change in Common Data Service causes writes to Finance and Operations apps. This automated data flow provides an integrated user experience across the apps. For more information, see Dual-write overview on the Microsoft Docs site.

The Annata 365 Automotive Data Platform consists of the combined Annata 365 apps, across Microsoft platforms. This advanced data model drives business processes and insights across various areas in the automotive industry. In addition to powering dual write architecture, this unified data platform drives more value by enabling new business scenarios, Power Apps, analytics and intelligence across all Annata 365 solutions. Annata provides dual-write entity map templates for the following business process areas:

Today, there is sometimes a significant difference between the data model in A365 F&O application (IDMS) and the data model on the Dataverse side. This is one of the reasons why a new set of tables serve as a bridge between the different table structures. A new integration handler class framework deals with the complexity of mapping data between these data models in X++ within F-the F&O application. For more information, please refer to:

Mobile offline synchronization

Because Annata 365 mobile apps are model-driven apps built on Dataverse platform, they can be enabled for offline use following the standard procedure. 

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