Welcome to Annata 365 Sales!

To get started, simply log in to your Dynamics 365 Sales environment and select the Automotive Sales app.

Begin with setting up master data that describes your business and the products you offer.

  1. Use businesses, facilities and operations to describe the organizational structure of your business and your business partners. This may include showrooms and service centers run by your own business or affiliated businesses such as dealer groups you partner with.
  2. Define the brands you deal in and how they break down into different levels by setting up master data as described in the Models section of this guide.
  3. Manage products and set pricing for the devices and accessories you offer for sale.

Now you can start adding data on devices you own or have previously sold to your customers.

  1. For manually adding devices, you can follow the steps described here on how to create a device.
  2. Describe ownership and other links between devices and internal or external parties using device registrations.

You are now ready to start tracking interest from new leads or existing customers through the sales pipeline.

  1. Learn how to capture, manage and qualify leads into opportunities.
  2. Follow up on opportunities in the sales pipeline to close sales.
  3. Manage test drives to ensure customers can experience devices firsthand and track their effectiveness in terms of closed sales.
  4. Use sales dashboards to monitor sales performance and track activities.