This section outlines how to install the sales app on your system, how to set up users and security roles, and how to manage the various settings and configuration data that drive the sales process. Guidance on how to enable dual-write integration and mobile offline synchronization is also provided.

Set up business hierarchy

Set up businessesbusiness facilities and business operations.

Set up device types, states and styles

Set up device statesdevice types and device styles.

Set up branding hierarchy (makes and models)

Set up branding hierarchy in terms of brandsclassesmodels, optional model generations, and last but not least model codes and variants.

Set up specifications, options and accessories

Set up attribute types and attribute groups to capture device specification information. Specifications also include a list of optionsaccessories and configuration code information.

Set up measurements

Set up measure points for devices, measures and units, so that device meters can be managed and device measurements can be collected.

Set up warranties

Set up warranty types and warranties, including warranty terms and limits as applicable.

Set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Annata 365 Sales extends the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales app with advanced automotive and equipment industry capabilities. The automotive and equipment sales process still relies on various core settings to be configured, such as: 

Set up interactive maps

Annata 365 for Sales comes with an interactive map experience. This way users, who interact with data in the app (e.g. book a test drive), can perform the task of selecting a location of a business operation in an alternative way than through the use of traditional input fields in Dynamics 365. That is by selecting it from a map.

To enable this feature in Annata 365 for Sales you must provide a Bing Maps key. See Getting a Bings Maps Key on Microsoft Docs for more information. Subsequently, follow the below procedure to add the Bings Maps Key to Annata 365 for Sales:

  1. Go to Settings > Sales Settings.
  2. Select 'Sales Configurations'.
  3. Enter your key in the Bing Maps API Key field.
  4. Click Save.

Set up search

To optimize search results when using Annata 365 Sales, please make sure the search settings are in order on your instance. In System Settings window (in the Administration section under the Settings tile), in the General tab, you can either enable Relevance Search or set up Categorized Search.

To enable Relevance Search, please check the box as seen below and when this is enabled, it might take a short while to finish index syncing. For more detailed information on enabling Relevance Search, click here.

If Categorized Search is preferred, please make sure the tables (entities) Device and Device Registration are enabled for Categorized Search as seen in the "Select" button below.

Enable dual-write integration

Functional integration of the Annata 365 Sales app into the Annata 365 Finance and Operations solution is not officially released yet (end of 2020). However, dual-write entity map templates for sales and inspections related information are in development and can be enabled as outlined below:

Please refer to Dual-write integration documentation in our Technical Reference section for more information on this topic.

Enable mobile offline synchronization

Because Annata 365 mobile apps are model-driven apps built on the Dataverse platform, they can be enabled for mobile offline synchronization. For example, trade-in and PDI inspections can be carried out in the Annata 365 Mobile Inspections app. Please refer to Annata 365 Inspections offline profile for more details on how to set that up.

In This Section

  • Installation and upgrade

    Technical instructions for how to acquire, install and update the Annata 365 Sales application on a customer environment.
  • Set up users and security roles

    Annata 365 Sales provides specific sales person, sales manager and data administrator security roles that control user access to data through a set of access levels and privileges.