Annata 365 Sales is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and provides extended capabilities for management of sales and marketing related processes in the Automotive and Equipment industry.

Feature Highlights

This guide contains information on how to work with data in different areas of Annata 365 for Sales:

  • Lead Management 
  • Test Drive Management
  • Customer 360° view

Furthermore, this guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to complete business processes in Annata 365 for Sales:

  • Lead to Opportunity Sales Processes
  • Test Drive Process
  • Pre-Delivery and Trade-In inspections

Lastly, the guide includes detailed instructions on how to set up master data in Annata 365 for Sales:

  • Device Management
  • Business Management


With buyers turning increasingly to digital channels for researching and reviewing products, it is important to consider the different ways they may want to engage with the intent of purchase. For example, leads are often generated through a prospect submitting a form on a website, attending an event or visiting on-site. 

A lead is an individual or an organization that may have an interest in purchasing products or services. This can either be a new prospect that has not yet done business with an organization or an existing/former customer, who has indicated an interest in a company's product or services. In both cases, the prospect has yet to be qualified through the sales process. The process of creating this interest and finding potential customers is often referred to as a lead generation process.

In Annata 365 for Sales, the following information can be provided additionally to the standard lead information in Dynamics 365 for Sales:  Business hierarchy, Brand, Class, Model, Model Code, Device, and others. Furthermore, the app includes a predefined business process flow for lead generation and qualification; Annata 365 for Sales Lead to Opportunity process.

New and upcoming features

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