To give our customers a competitive edge and enable new business models in a challenging industry, we are creating new innovative applications and growing and adapting existing applications using the very latest Microsoft technology. Annata 365 for Finance and Operations remains a strong end-to-end foundation for challenging enterprise situations, but we have extended that foundation with new Dataverse, Dynamics, Power BI or Azure solutions to support workloads where these cloud platforms offer additional technical or commercial value. ‌

You can click on the elements shown in the diagram above to learn more about our various automotive and equipment industry apps and how to use them.Annata 365 Sales Annata 365 Service Center Annata 365 Field Service Annata 365 Service Annata 365 Inspections Device Management Inventory Management Business Management Annata 365 Dealer Portal Annata 365 Finance and Operations Dual write

In This Section

  • Annata 365 Automotive Platform

    The Annata 365 Automotive Platform provides a number of shared functional modules that support the various Annata 365 CE and Dataverse solutions. These are model-driven Power Apps running on the Dataverse platform. The automotive platform conforms to and extends the Microsoft Common Data Model for Automotive. This ensures that critical business information is shared across the various Annata 365 apps, improves productivity and provides better insights to the various automotive industry information.
  • Common Data Model for Automotive

    The Microsoft Common Data Model for Automotive is a Microsoft standard data language for the automotive and equipment industry that enables companies to share data across applications. Providing a reference data template with specific focus on automotive and equipment industry, it is the foundation for future proof business applications like Annata 365.