Annata 365 Inspections allows companies to manage and run any inspections commonly performed in import, sales, rental, and service for vehicles, heavy equipment, or other types of valuable or complex equipment.

Seamlessly integrated into the Annata 365 Sales and Annata 365 Field Service apps, this simple but powerful inspections app drives digital transformation of online or offline inspections processes in the automotive and equipment industry, improving productivity and reducing cost. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform and aligned with the Microsoft Common Data Model for Automotive, Annata 365 Inspections brings technical excellence, business insight, productivity, and compliance to the inspections process with minimal investment or risk.

Feature Highlights

Feature highlights include:

  • Manage and perform inspections with or without a device as the subject.
  • Record observations for devices during inspections or whenever needed.
  • Define checklists quickly and consistently from reusable checkpoints.
  • Define checkpoints support actions such as simple yes/no, pass or fail, user-defined option lists, reading from device meters, or taking photos or videos.
  • Set rules to reduce risk and effort and drive compliance by guiding users during inspection entry.
  • Out of the box dual write integration to Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain.
  • Offline capability when used with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, or Field Service.

Mobile Inspections app

A new Mobile Inspections app provides a simple and easy way to collect inspection results in the field using a smartphone or tablet, online or offline.

  • Complete inspection checkpoints one by one by selecting the appropriate option. This collapses the point to show only the result.
  • Checkpoints may involve taking a photo, recording video, or audio. This automatically activates the smartphone camera and attaches the resulting media files.
  • Finish the inspection by reviewing the outcome of the inspection checkpoints, adding notes if needed, and providing your signature.


Sales and service integration

Annata 365 Sales includes ...

  • Validate a deal as such from an overall financial and process standpoint, following a checklist that does not refer to a device.
  • Pre-delivery inspections for devices in a deal are easy to manage and run.
  • Trade-in device inspections to check for faults and assess overall condition becomes a simple and managed data-driven process.

Annata 365 Field Service uses this ...

  • Service or safety inspections capability is seamlessly integrated and can be set up and applied at the operation code level.
  • Easy to use Play/Stop buttons to clock in or out of operations or to start inspections directly from the service order forms.

New and upcoming features

The team is excited to announce our newest updates! If you are a member of the Annata Insider program you can browse the Release notes to see our latest enhancements and additions or take a look at our Roadmap which shows where we are headed. To submit and give us feedback on feature requests and product suggestions, please go to the Ideas page in the Annata Insider Portal.