Annata 365 Service provides rich support for service processes in the automotive and equipment industry. 

Key Benefits

  • Improve efficiency, reliability, and profitability of the service process through advanced support for industry-specific requirements. Also, improve business insight and predictability.
  • Minimize downtime, maintain warranty, and maximize the value of each device by making sure that the appropriate steps are followed and the right materials used according to your OEM guidelines.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and eliminate waste by replacing disconnected, paper-based processes with mobile apps that bring the benefits of digital transformation to service and inspections workers.
  • Run your service process with a purpose-built solution, founded on decades of industry experience, and built on a powerful Microsoft platform that is easy to configure, extend, or connect to.

Service Order Management

  • Service orders / work orders
    Specialized service orders provide rich support for industry specific service processes, OEM data and business data.  

  • Jobs and job types
    Service orders consist of one or more jobs, each of which can have a set of operations and materials associated with it. The configuration of job types and tracking of jobs and associated operations during service execution enables more accurate service process guidance, improved business insight and OEM reporting capability when dealing with heavy machines, vehicles or other complex devices.

  • Operation codes
    Operation codes are essential to OEM compliance and reporting. These allow accurate specification of OEM or dealer specific service operations with expected durations, which often depends on device branding information. 

  • Timesheets
    Mechanics enter timesheets simply by clocking in or out of individual jobs in a service order using a simple mobile app. The resulting timesheets can be reviewed and adjusted if needed, and  additional entries can be entered on non-service related tasks such as leave, administrative work, and so on. All this information flows directly into Annata 365 F&O through dual-write synchronization.

  • Material handling
    Service orders involve a set of jobs, each of which requires a sequence of operations to be completed and materials to be consumed. Job types act as templates that improve accuracy when service orders are created and a custom built user experience makes it easy and intuitive for technicians to consume items and manage their own inventory. Through simple actions in the Annata 365 Service app, the mechanic automatically drives changes to item requirements, delivery dates, quantities and warehouse information. This enables streamlined logistics processes according to industry best practices.

  • Faults and warranty claims
    Everything needed for warranty claims can be registered on a service order in the Annata 365 Service app. Failure codes, symptom codes, cause codes and resolution codes can be configured and associated with the multi-brand, multi-level branding hierarchy to help users understand which codes apply when and where. Warranty claims can be recorded and associated with a given service order and device.

Automotive and Equipment Service Process

  • Service offering by business operation
    Annata 365 Service allows business operations such as workshops, field service operations, or even showrooms and rental depots to be associated with a certain set of service products and booking options. This information helps service staff provide optimal support for customers and enables a variety of digital customer interactions, for example through web pages, apps or bots.

  • Customer bookings and service timeslots
    In order to facilitate digital transformation of simple booking processes you can  maintain a list of available timeslots per business operation. This information can be used to guide customers or service advisors as they look for suitable dates and times at a given business operation. 

  • Service plans and scheduled services
    Service Plans can be set up and used to establish and drive scheduled services. Note that the customer engagement part of this is handled with Annata 365 Service but the service planning engine remains in Annata 365 Finance and Operations and the end-to-end service plan functionality is powered by those two out of the box applications, coupled with the out-of-the-box dual write integration package.

  • Service campaigns and recalls
    Service campaigns can be set up to represent OEM recalls, service bulletins or sales related service campaigns. Support for service campaign letters and tracked communications with registered owners or custodians in order to bring applicable devices in for service.

  • Service suggestions from predictive maintenance
    Depending on customer data volume and data quality, custom predictive maintenance models can be developed in Azure ML Services to process the unified Annata device and service information. Resulting service suggestions can be reported back to Annata 365 Service as service requirements that trace back to the originating PM model.

  • Service requirements show upcoming service
    Service requirements provide a unified mechanism for capturing and tracking upcoming service needs for each device. Service requirements may originate from scheduled services according to service plans, from service campaigns, predictive maintenance models running in Azure ML services or just simple observations resulting from manual inspections. This unified view of service requirements is crucial for ensuring optimal service level, which in turn results in improved uptime and resale value of vehicles or machines as well as improved customer satisfaction levels. Each customer engagement becomes more efficient and provides more upsell opportunities throughout the customer journey.

  • Advanced service process configuration
    The preferred service process typically varies from one business operation to the next. In addition, most companies want the best possible insight into the status and trends in their service business across all operations. Annata 365 Service allows service process configuration to be defined at user and business operation levels service. User defined service order types, job types, groups and so on, facilitate process optimization, data consistency and improved business insights.


  • Fully integrated inspections capability
    Annata 365 Inspections is available as a stand-alone app but is also seamlessly integrated into Annata 365 Service, both in the unified web client interface, the dedicated mobile apps as well as at the data model level. 

  • Configurable inspection checklists
    Inspections are completely  configuration driven and can be tailored to the desired process without customization, see below. 

  • Reusable inspection checkpoint definitions
    Inspections allow the procedure for individual checkpoints to be fully configured, complete with instructions and rules, and reused across multiple checklists. This helps to ensure compliant and consistent inspections procedures when the same kind of check must be performed as part of various types of inspections. 

  • Mobile inspections

    Quickly create new inspections from standard checklists as an integrated part of the service process or as a standalone. Images, audio, and video can be captured during the inspection process and associated with inspection results. Signatures from customers or inspectors.

  • Configurable checkpoint rules
    Checkpoint rules can be configured to guide the inspection worker through the right steps in situations where e.g. a warning or failure may require additional notes or pictures to be taken, new device observations of a given type to be added, or even follow-up inspections or service orders to be requested on the device. 

  • Management and tracking of observations
    Observations represent device related issues that need to be addressed at some point, typically through service work covered by a case and/or service order. Observations can be added at any point during the service process, but typically these result from inspections. 

  • Device meter readings and measurements
    Annata provides dedicated checkpoint types for reading device meters or collecting measurements of given aspects of a device. The data entered is captured as a time series of measurements, enabling analytics over periods of time, across sets of devices, etc. 

Device Management

  • Device information
    The Annata device concept offers an extensive, proven data structure for managing complex devices At the base level, configurable device types, configurable device states - each with specified inventory, trading and ownership status - as well as alignment with the Annata 365 Finance and Operations data model provide a strong device management foundation.

  • Branding hierarchy
    The Annata device supports multi-level branding hierarchies and multi-brand capabilities. Each device can be classified by brand, class, model, model code and variant. In addition, device types, styles and generations can be applied. This branding structure helps ensure proper service procedures for a given device and is essential for analytics and insights into the service business data that accumulates over time.

  • Device specifications
    Device specifications describe standard or added options, accessories and OEM configuration information. Flexible structure for technical specifications as a listing of specific types of specification attributes, that can be grouped and structured as desired. Ability to store snapshots of specifications for a given device over time.

  • Component structure
    Device component hierarchy that supports a variety of types (Standard, Option, Accessory, Sub Device, Meter, Sensor, etc.), behavior (Fixed, Movable, Replaceable), origin (OEM, Trade-In, 3rd Party), etc. Service orders, observations, warranty claims can relate to specific components within a device.

  • Child devices
    The Annata device component hierarchy provides the ability to manage multiple levels of devices, each of which can all benefit from full device management capabilities, such as having its own service history, etc..

  • Warranties
    Annata supports any number of warranties per device. Warranties can have warranty terms, optional limits on any device measure and can be categorized by warranty types.

  • Service history
    Easy access to related service appointments, service orders, inspections, observations (faults, damage, etc.), service contracts for a given customer or a given device.

  • Device usage
    Annata provides dedicated tracking of device meters and collection of meter readings or manual measurements. This data can be matched to warranty limits. The service order forms and mobile app provides a simple, custom built user experience to record measurements during service or inspections work.

  • Ownership and registrations
    Annata 365 solutions support a flexible structure to associate devices with any number of registered owners, custodians and operators. Registrations are tracked over time with periods of validity, which allows accurate association to relevant people at any point in time.


Without opening F&O, technician or dispatchers can view relevant information from Annata 365 Finance and Operations. Up-to-date inventory on-hand information is available in Annata 365 Service for selected warehouses and items. This is supported throughout the end-to-end service process with out-of-the-box dual write integration between the Annata 365 Service app and the Annata 365 Finance and Operations backend system. Service technicians can initiate inventory transfers, book shipments and receive transfer orders. This results in inventory transfer journal creation and postings in F&O. This ensures that service mechanics as well as inventory workers always have accurate inventory information throughout the service process with minimum effort and minimum risk of delays or errors.

Mobile apps

  • Mobile Mechanic app for service work
    Annata 365 Mobile Mechanic is a model-driven Power App with offline capabilities, specifically built for service mechanics. A key differentiator is that the Annata app reflects the advanced Annata device management, service and inspection capabilities, and does so in an optimized user experience with simplified ways to start/stop tasks, record timesheets, inspections, consume items, symptoms, cause and solution codes, warranty claim information, etc. The app enables mechanics to capture images, audio, and video associated with service work as well as customer and mechanic's signatures.

  • Mobile Inspections app for inspections
    Annata 365 Inspections a model-driven Power App with offline capabilities, specifically built for inspection workers and service technicians. This simple and intuitive app works seamlessly with the Annata 365 Mobile Mechanic app, guiding users through inspection checkpoints in accordance to the specified checklist and rules. Inspection results and observations are associated with the service order and device being serviced, timesheets automatically logged, and so on.

Tightly integrated with Annata 365 Finance and Operations

Annata 365 Service supports real-time synchronization with Annata 365 Finance and Operations out-of-the-box. This allows managed data in ERP to drive the service process, providing relevant service delivery information to service mechanics and ensuring that inventory is posted and customers are invoiced in Annata 365 F&O. Information from over 100 tables is automatically synchronized across the solutions to support a robust and streamlined end-to-end service process. The out-of-the-box dual-write integrations cover areas such as device information, branding hierarchy, component structure, warranties and warranty claims, service orders, service plans, service campaigns, usage measurements, scheduling and resource information, inspections, inventory on-hand, inventory transfers and more:

  • Extends ERP functionality, applying the best tool for each part of the end-to-end service process.
  • Shares valuable ERP data with service agents and mechanics to drive service processes.
  • Out of the box dual write connectors for over 100 entities.
  • Support for multiple legal entities and business units out of the box.
  • Process-driven workflows to smoothly switch between individuals.
  • Provides a robust automotive data model that facilitates further extensions.
  • Enables shorter service cycles, improved cashflow.
  • Improved insights into daily operations.