Note: This is the same as Microsoft Dynamics AX case functionality. Once the dealer has submitted a case, a new case will be created in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

This function lets you do the following:

  • View all cases for the dealer.
  • Create a case.

Cases list

The list includes all cases of the selected dealer.

Search for specific cases and view, edit, or delete cases.
You may also create a new case.
To search for cases,

  1. Go to Service > Case.
  2. To search for specific cases from the current dealer, enter the partial or full Web Case ID, Case ID, created by, or Status.
    Note: You can sort the order of each information at the respective header.
  3. To view the details of a submitted case, select the respective view icon.
  4. To view and edit a draft case, select the respective edit icon.
  5. To delete a case, select the respective delete icon.

Create a case

When creating a case, you can do the following:

  • Save the case as a draft for further editing.
  • Submit the case right away.
  • Delete the entire case.

Creation involves the following process:

  • Add case details, description, and notes.

To create a case,
  1. Go to Service > Case.

  2. Select ‘Create Case’.

  3. To add case details:

    In the Case creation screen, add the case details.
  4. In the General section, select the Category, Priority and enter a description.
    Note: The Category is mandatory.

  5. In the contact section, enter the contact details.

  6. In the Notes section, add any required additional notes.

  7. To delete case before submission:

    Select ‘Cancel’ on any screen. Then, select 'Delete' to confirm the deletion.
    Note: Deletion is not reversible.
  8. To submit case:

    To submit the case now, select 'Finish'.

  9. To confirm submitting the case, select 'Submit'.
    Note: Submission is not reversible. The system will create the case in Annata D365. If the submission is successful, a message will inform you accordingly and provide the Web order ID for dealer reference. If the submission is unsuccessful, the system will create a log in the Annata D365 document queue.

  10. To submit the case later, select 'Save & Close'.

Statuses of cases

The status is updated according to Annata D365.


  • Draft records are editable.
  • Records in statuses other than Draft can only be viewed.

The following table lists and describes all the available statuses for cases:

Annata D365

Status (Dealer Portal)




The case is created in Dealer Portal but not yet submitted to Annata D365. 



The case has been submitted to Annata D365.

In process

In process

The case is being processed in Annata D365.



The case is open.



The case is closed



The case is canceled.