This function lets you:

  • View all return orders of the current dealer.
  • Create return orders.

Parts return orders list

The list includes all return orders of the selected dealer. 

To search for parts return orders,
  1. Go to Parts > Return Orders.
  2. To search for specific orders of the current dealer, enter the partial or full Web order ID, Return Order #, RMA #, Created by, or status. Also, you can sort the order by clicking on the header column.

Create a parts return order

To create a parts return order,

  1. Go to Parts > Return Orders.
  2. Select ‘Create Order’.
  3. In the Parts Invoices screen, start with selecting the required invoice. Select the respective View icon.
  4. In the Parts Invoice Details screen, select ‘Create Return Order’.
  5. In the Invoice Lines screen, select the checkbox of the required part and enter the quantity to be returned. You can return full or partial order quantity. The system will display a message if the parts are already returned fully.
  6. Select ‘Next’ to continue.
  7. To add order details:
    In the Return Order screen, enter the order details.
  8. In the General section, select the return reason code.
  9. Select ‘Next’ to continue.
  10. To upload documents:
    If you need to submit documents alongside the order, upload one or more files by selecting the 'Open File Browser' button.

    Note: To delete a file, select the respective Delete icon.
  11. Select 'Next' to continue.
  12. To check order summary:
    In the Return Order Summary screen, check your order.
  13. To delete order before submission:
    Select ‘Cancel’ on any screen. Then, select 'Delete' to confirm the deletion.
  14. To submit the order later, select 'Save & Close’. Which will save the order in draft.
  15. To submit the order now, select 'Finish'.
  16. To confirm submitting the return order, select ‘submit’.

Statuses of parts return orders

The status is updated according to Annata D365.


  • Draft records are editable.
  • Records in statuses other than Draft can only be viewed.

The following table lists and describes all the available statuses:

Annata D365

Status (Dealer Portal)




The order is created in Dealer Portal but not yet submitted to Annata D365. 



The order has been submitted to Annata D365.



The requested order has been created in Annata D365.



The order is open.



The order is closed



The order is canceled.