This function lets you do the following:

  • View all parts back orders of the selected dealer.
  • Cancel parts back orders.

Parts back orders list

The list includes all parts back orders of the select dealer.

  • Search by date or keyword.
  • You may also cancel orders.
To search for parts back orders,
  1. Go to Parts > Back Orders
  2. To search for a specific back order of the current dealer, enter the backorder date and/or the partial or full Sales order #, Item number, or Description.
  3. To further refine a search, enter a specific date in the ‘Back Order Date’ field.

Cancel a parts back order

To cancel a parts back order,
  1. Go to Parts > Back Orders.
  2. Select the respective Cancel icon. Then, select 'Confirm' to confirm the cancellation.
    Note: Once canceled, the status of the sales order line in D365 will be updated as Cancelled. It will cancel only the line, not the entire order. Also, the backorder line will not be visible in the list since it's already canceled.