This function lets you inquire about the details and history of a device and its children, based on the exact VIN#, Serial# or Registration#. 

Inquire about device information

Search for specific devices by entering the exact VIN#, Serial# or Registration#. The list will include the details of a device and its children. You may also view the history of each device. 
Note: The function does not support wildcard searches. 

To inquire about device information, 

  1. Go to Device > Device Inquiries.
  2. To search for specific devices, enter the exact device number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #), Serial #, or Registration #, Then, select 'Search'.
    Note: It is necessary to enter the exact VIN #, Serial #, or Registration # because the function does not support a wildcard search.
  1. To view the history of a device, select the respective View icon.
    Note: From the view, you can see the information on the device model, production, warranty, available service campaigns, registered custodians and many more details as shown below.