Most of the time, an importer or manufacturer may not have the correct information about the device information of the dealer's customer such as device usage, registration number, sales date, registration date, custodian, parent device, and others. Using the Delivery report feature, dealers can update the device information and share the details with importers or manufacturers.

The function allows you to:

  • View delivery reports.
  • Create delivery reports.

Delivery reports list

Search for specific reports by entering the appropriate keyword. The list will include reports created for/by the currently selected dealer. From the list, you can:

  • View the details of a submitted delivery report.
  • Edit a draft delivery report.
To search for delivery reports,
  1. Go to Devices > Delivery reports.
  2. To search for specific reports of the current dealer, enter the partial or full keyword of the Web ID.
  3. To view the details of a submitted delivery report, select the respective View icon.
  4. To view and edit a draft delivery report, select the respective Edit icon.

Create delivery reports

When creating a report, you can do the following:

  • Submit the report.
  • Add and delete devices to/from the report
  • Delete the entire report

Creation involves the following processes:

  • Search devices.
  • Add device details.
  • Add parent device details.
  • Add custodian details.
  • Check and submit a report.
To create a delivery report,
  1. Go to Device > Delivery reports.

  2. Select ‘Create Delivery Report’.

  3. To create a delivery report for one or more devices, enter a valid VIN # or Registration # of the devices.

    Note: The system will list the devices that meet the entered details. However, the system will warn you accordingly if the device is not found. To delete a device, select the respective delete icon. All previously entered details for the corresponding device will be permanently deleted.

  4. In the General section, enter or select the required details.

  5. To search for a parent device, enter a valid VIN # or Registration # of the devices.
    Note: To copy the custodian of the child device to the parent device, select the ‘Update parent device custodian’ checkbox.

  6. In the Custodian section, enter the custodian details and custodian address.

  7. To submit the report now, select ‘Submit’.

  8. To confirm submitting the report, select ‘Submit’

Note: The system will create the order in Annata D365. If the submission is successful, a message will inform you accordingly and provide the Web order ID for dealer reference. If the submission is unsuccessful, the system will create a log in the Annata D365 document queue. To delete the whole report before submitting it, select ‘Cancel’.

Statuses of delivery reports

The status is updated according to Annata 365


  • There are no draft reports
  • Submitted reports cannot be edited.

The following table lists and describes all the available statuses for device delivery report:

Annata D365

Status (Dealer Portal)




The order has been submitted to Annata D365.



The order is posted