The Annata 365 Automotive Platform provides a number of shared functional modules that support the various Annata 365 CE and Dataverse solutions. These are model-driven Power Apps running on the Dataverse platform. The automotive platform conforms to and extends the Microsoft Common Data Model for Automotive. This ensures that critical business information is shared across the various Annata 365 apps, improves productivity and provides better insights to the various automotive industry information.

In This Section

  • Device management

    A device is a physical piece of equipment of considerable value. It is built as a single unit, that can be tracked through its entire life cycle of trade, ownership, and service. It may be related to one or more customers over time. Devices can be anything from simple appliances such as washing machines to complex devices such as vehicles, heavy machinery, medical devices, or turbines. Device Management includes setting up the device types, brands, models, and so on and managing various device information such as specifications, configuration, ownership, usage information, and more. 
  • Service plans

  • Service campaigns

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Businesses, facilities and operations

    Business management configuration is used to map out internal and external companies, where they operate, and which operations they run at those locations. The objective is to gain clarity over the major elements of your business and enable clear and meaningful tracking and analytics of business data. The business management configuration can be tailored to any situation and may be used to represent various business scenarios.