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Your guide to Annata 365 is the new home of all Annata 365 documentation for end users and professionals. 

In This Section

  • Annata 365 Sales

    Annata 365 Sales is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and provides extended capabilities for management of sales and marketing related processes in the Automotive and Equipment industry.
  • Annata 365 Inspections

    Annata 365 Inspections allows companies to manage and run any inspections commonly performed in import, sales, rental and service for vehicles, heavy equipment or other types of valuable or complex equipment. Seamlessly integrated into the Annata 365 Sales and Annata 365 Field Service apps, this simple and powerful inspections app drives digital transformation of online or offline inspections processes in the automotive and equipment industry,
  • Annata 365 Automotive Platform

    The Annata 365 Automotive Platform provides a number of shared functional modules that support the various Annata 365 CE and Dataverse solutions. These are model-driven Power Apps running on the Dataverse platform. The automotive platform conforms to and extends the Microsoft Common Data Model for Automotive. This ensures that critical business information is shared across the various Annata 365 apps, improves productivity and enables better business insights to the various automotive industry areas.

  • Annata 365 Finance and Operations

    Annata 365 for Operations covers industry-specific needs throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, all within one solution. This includes manufacturing, import & wholesale, dealer management, rent and fleet management.
  • Annata 365 Manufacturing Accelerator

  • Annata 365 Dealer Portal

    To facilitate the communication between dealers, manufacturers, and importers, the Annata Dealer Portal provides a web interface that integrates seamlessly with Annata D365. 
  • Technical Reference

    This section provides developers and technical consultants with access to various technical reference information, advanced procedures or best practices that apply to installation, maintenance or customization of Annata 365 solutions.